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    My 9yo boy wakes every 2 hours from anxiety - What should I do?

    Waking constantly is affecting behaviour and moods and concentration. What should I do??
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    Children in general have consolidated sleep by about 2 years of age.  There is a wide variety of reasons for sleep disturbance and once we explore and understand the sleep pattern we can address this specifically.  The specific question in relation to 9 year old child and anxiety needs a detailed history and assessment which could be performed by a paediatrician or sleep specialist and you should seek your GP's help in getting a referral. 
    For more information on children's sleep disorders click here
    Answer provided by Dr Sadasivam Suresh, Mater Children's Hospital Qld

  • Mark McHugh

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

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    Firstly I would ask whether this is related to a panic attack or something more ongoing? Is it just anxiety related to being in the dark or being alone?
    It requires a little more questioning to understand what is going on with the child.
    Certainly just in the moment, bringing to the child’s mind how they are safe, how they are in a place that is secure, and maybe getting them to regulate their breath, and their breath-work can help in the moment.

  • raeza13

    HealthShare Member

     Hi……. The waking is usually because he is scared about various things and if hes left alone to settle himself it just becomes a full blown panic attack with crying and breathing fast etc. taking a good 30 minutes to an hour to get him back to sleep. He goes to bed without any problems and drifts off to sleep fine, its just staying asleep which is the problem. He has recently been prescribed Melatonin to help with this but has not been affective so far. We have a referral to see a counsellor to deal with the anxiety. Its as though his brain just wont switch off.

  • Anonymous

    I am having similar issues with my 4 year old and am investigating the psychological side of it however we have had success with Circadin which is a slow release tablet which has decreased his waking. Maybe talk to your doctor about that.


  • Dr Nellie Lucas

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

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    It would be helpful to see a paediatrician and a sleep specialist in the first instance prior to counselling if this is possible. A full assessment will determine the contributing factors and counselling may be then a part of the treatment.  Ask your GP for a referral. I wish you and your son all the best as I understand this must be so difficult for both of you.

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