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    Is an electric toothbrush better for you than a standard toothbrush?

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    Electric tooth brushes are generally more effective tooth and gum cleaning devices compared to Manual tooth brushes due to
    the increased number of rotations and speed it provides
    the ease of use – good for dexterity compromised individuals
    some even have in built timers to motivate patient to brush for the recommended 2 minutes

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    Is an electric toothbrush better than a standard toothbrush?

    Electric toothbrushes are generally better than manual toothbrushes because it does all the mechanical movements for you and there is less chance for you to damage your teeth and gums due to overzealous brushing.
    Remember when you use an electric toothbrush, simply place light pressure on each individual tooth and its surfaces and and let the toothbrush work for you.
    There are many electric toothbrushes on the market ranging from $20-30 right up to $200+ with all the bells and whistles.

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    An electric toothbrush is way better than a standard toothbrush but many people don't now how to use an electric toothbrush correctly. You should brush the outside, top and inside of all teeth in their arch by brushing one surface for a count of ten before moving on to the next tooth. Remember also that you need to clean between the teeth with toothpicks and/or floss as toothbrushing alone will not be enough to fully protect your teeth against the ravages of decay. 

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    Yes for some people with minimal dexterity. Also makes brushing easier because less detailed manual motions are needed.

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