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    Does using mouthwash damage your teeth or gums?

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    Some mouth washes are to aid the cleansing of teeth. Other mouthwashes contain fluoride to strengthen teeth.
    If used in moderation most of these mouth washes are good for the teeth and gums.

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    I agree with Dr Jaffar about the benefits of mouthwash. With regards to damage to teeth and gums….

    Mouthwashes with Chlorhexidine (e.g. Savacol) as an active ingredient may stain your teeth with prolonged use, these stains can be removed by your dental professional.

    Alcohol based mouthrinses (e.g. Listerine) can irritate gums especially if there are underlying existing medical conditions that affect the mouth e.g. post radiation/chemo treatment or┬áLichen planus…. but these are rare. Also check the mouthwash for any ingredients that you may be allergic to, these may be another cause for gum reactions to mouthwashes.

    Take care :)

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