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    How do you know if you have anxiety?

    It sounds stupid but I feel I am anxious but I do not have anxiety.
    Maybe I am just highly strung.
    I am studying Bsc of Nursing at University, and I have learnt all about anxiety disorders.
    I seem to have the symptoms. I am constantly worried someone is following me when I drive. I am anxious for no reason WAY too much when something is due at uni, to the point I mentally break down, cry and sob.
    I feel helpless and have disconnected from my friends. I just always feel like crying.
    If someone says somethig negative to me, I take it personally.
    I don't feel depressed however, and I always go to uni, and still have strong relationships with family as I have told them.
    I just really need to know if i am just overthinking this and i'm really not anxious, just highly strung.
    I have started to take lexapro, with no help and am getting my meds changed soon.
    Please let me know what you think. Thank You
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  • Anonymous

    It doesn't sound stupid.

    I am not a qualified professional but I know exactly where you are coming from and I have alot of similar symptoms.

    My advice would be if you have not done already to go and see your GP and get their opinion. It took a while for me to make the step and yes I felt stupid walking in there but when I left I feel as tho it helped me alot.

    I hope this helped and you get the answers you need soon

  • Karen Amos

    Counsellor, Personal Trainer

    Walk and Talk is just what you need to begin living a life that you love. I'm Karen Amos and at Walk and Talk Australia … View Profile

    Hi there and thank you for putting something out there that many people can relate to, now we can all share and talk about it together.  
    From your study you have learned just what anxiety might look like when it becomes a problem, whether it be for you or others - being educated about anxiety will be greatly helpful to you and how you choose to handle it.  Well done on visiting your GP, that is definitely the beginning of seeking out help.  In addition to working with your GP, you might want to talk it over with another kind of professional, be it a counsellor or psychologist that may be able to help you get to the heart of feeling anxious.  Although you have strong family ties, it might help to have a person who can see your life from an outsiders perspective.  
    There are a few ways that you can help yourself.  You might try taking a walk outside and trying to clear your mind in a peaceful place, do some things that you like to do (that may sound like a no brainer but when you do things that make you smile, it has a deeper effect than just on your face), practice some deep breathing or even exercise that will get you deep breathing and try to keep your sleeping and eating balanced and regular.  They are both major factors in feeling good.
    They may sound like simplistic suggestions, but they are methods that you can act on today if you wish, to change what tomorrow might feel like.
    Wishing you peace

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