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    Can I use my old retainer to shift my teeth back into place?

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    I had braces when I was a teenager and wore my retainer for several years after as instructed. However, since then my teeth have shifted slightly. I found my retainer and although it doesn't fit perfectly, I can force it in (tight fit). Can I wear this over night to help shift my teeth back into place? I really do not want to get braces again or pay for invisalign.
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    Theoretically using an existing retainer may be able to move the teeth back into alignment. However, it has to fit accurately (perfectly), forcing it to fit may cause damage to your teeth or restorations on your teeth, not to mention the possibility of getting it stuck or causing pain to your teeth. Using your existing retainer as an aligner to straighten teeth would likely need it to be worn for a prolonged period of time not just overnight. I would suggest having a chat to a dentist regarding the fit of your retainers, and also there are many options in straightening your teeth or making teeth look straight that may not involve braces or Invisalign.

    Take care :)

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    I was wondeing will you have to pay again even if your teeth moved just a litlle bit?

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    Dr Keith ,who has given an overview of this question ,is correct .
    Visit your dentist . This retainer is probably ill fitting . This means that your teeth have moved again .
    If the retainer is comfortable ,after you put it in ,it means that your orthodontic work has not relapsed .
    In summary , to prevent toothache or gum problems DO NOT put back an ill fitting retainer . So your method of forcing the teeth to go back to an original postion by wearing the plate will only result in further problems .
     If you can not afford further treatment …just dont do anything till you save up to see the dentist .

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    Can I use my old retainer to shift my teeth back into place?

    In the case where you can fit in your old retainer abeit having to force it in, it is possible to use it to try and shift your teeth back into position. Ideally it should be worn more long term ie not just be worn at night time, so that your teeth have a constant force acting on it. However if you are damaging your teeth or gums to get it in and out or other teeth that have not been displaced are becoming painful, then it is best not to wear your old retainer.
    There are alternative options to invisalign and braces like composite resin veneers, or Snap on Smile.

    If you would like to know more see your dentist or contact 07 38633604

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    Ill fitting retainers will cause injury to your teeth and surrounding gums. Call you orthodontist for alternative options.

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    Lee Khan

    HealthShare Member

    I have had your same problem several times and wearing my old, crusty retainer always puts my teeth back to the straight position they were in the day my braces cam off and was fitted for retainers. I am so lucky I never threw them out because they were old and gross.

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