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    How can I shift my last remaining 4 kilos?

    I've been struggling to lose weight for 2 years,and now i cant lose the final 4 kilos. My height is 157 cm, my weight is 52 kilos and i need to lose 4 more kilos. I've been visiting dietitians since September just for those 4 kilos which are impossible to lose. I visit the gym every single day. My muscle mass is 26 kg and my basic metabolism is 1340 cal per day. Please someone tell me a diet that suits me and that will work.
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  • Michele Harte

    HealthShare Member

    Firstly, How much water are you drinking…. is it enough for the amount of exercise you are doing.
    Secondly, How much sodium is in your diet.
    Thirdly, Are you eating enough?  

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    Pieter van der Gaag

    Exercise Physiologist

    Pieter van der Gaag is a Perth-based exercise physiologist and the owner of Perth Mobile Exercise Physiology, a practice that provides tailored exercise and physical … View Profile

    Your body mass index (BMI) is 21 kg/m/m, based on your weight and height. This is actually within the normal range (18.5-24.9). You don't say why you need to lose 4 more kilos. If those last 4 kilos are impossible to lose, as you say, it might be because you are fighting against the healthy weight your body wants to remain at. Finally, unless you enjoy visiting the gym every day, you could ease up a little there and try to incorporate incidental movement into your daily life. 

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