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    I suffered whiplash from a recent car accident and wondered what kinds of exercises I should be doing to get back full mobility in my neck?

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    Elisha Lawry

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    So under the Motor Accidents Authority Guidelines for Whiplash, the recommended exercises are to introduce them as soon as possible. These are a gentle range of motion exercises and the introduction of low load isometrics in order to restore appropriate muscle control and function of the cervical spine.
    All whiplash cases need to be reviewed by a chiropractor, physiotherapist, physical therapist, and/or GP for a thorough physical examination. This is so they can ascertain the type of management you shall require depending on the grade of whiplash you are presenting with. In addition, if your symptoms are not resolving within six weeks of treatment, you should be referred to a specialist who is up to date and an expert in the management of whiplash.

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    There are three main issues that occur during whiplash: Firstly, there is usually damage or injury to spinal joints. Secondly, the spinal ligaments that run down the spine get sprained, and finally, the muscles of the neck get overstretched and strained.

    Treatment therefore needs to correct these three things. It will also depend on the severity of the whiplash and on how you were hit, as different joints/ligaments/muscles will be affected depending on whether you were hit from the front, side or rear. What you need is treatment that will create mobility in the neck again, and then have strengthening exercises to stabilise the neck.

    Like my colleague above has said, it is best if you consult your health care professional on how to proceed. A chiropractor will help with recreating the correct movement of the spine after injury, and can then proceed to tell you some exercises to help you strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the neck, or will recommend a physiotherapist to create a exercise program for this reason.

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