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    Are there people out there that care about depressed people and hear?

    In my experience, no one seems to listen and hears what you are saying when you are diagnosed with depression, anxiety or what ever the mental health problem is unless their paid too.

    People commit suicide or reach the fas of going through with it, we talk and nobody hears our cry's for help. And then when it's all done, people come out of the woodwork and say, if only I knew, I would've helped.

    **** *** they would've. I've told family on both sides,one yesterday. Friends,work colleges,other then a juicy bit of gossip,there is no help ,not even from my husband and daughter. The attitude is get over it,pick the pieces up and become a productive person to cisiety and work to pay the bills. I'm sinking, suicidal, I've been to hospital twice,but were sent home, no beds.All I get is what isn't done, not what can I do to help and support you.
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  • Anonymous

    Dear Kim0711
    Yes, people hear and care in their mind in hearts only, not reality. They may even feel guilty that they not able to help you or me.

    But people do not want avoidable burden like your or my depression. They think and talk behind our backs that it is our entire fault, that no one can help us if we do not help ourselves. They happily accept the cordon of isolation we build around ourselves and justify themselves by naming us strange.

    Mental health professionals work with us because they are paid for it. It happens that they are the only people who talk to us; therefore, we believe they are good and caring. But they are just like any other people. They won’t tell us judging our situation hopeless, they just throw us out. If we unable to pay they throw us also out (no wonder, they have businesses to run). Depression is treatable - lip service.

    I do not blame anyone; let others be as happy as they can.  I blame myself. They are starving people in the world and (among others) I do nothing to help. There is my family, like me, but worse and I do not help. My solution is to seek care no more. Hard and lonely life.

    Take care.

  • kim0711

    HealthShare Member

    I agree with what you have said,but! it is also said close enough for you to hear when they want people like us to know what they think. And as you said when the money runs out they don't want to know.There is how ever Relationships Australia that work by what you can afford.The problem with this is,if you need a pycologist or a phiciatrist because your problems need a more qualified person,it does'nt apply.So! as you've said you are out the door and on your own.I go by body language alot because I think people talk with forf tonge.Anyway,My pycologist put's me on edge all the time.E.G last time I went I caught her rolling her eyes up in her head,I don't like this,especially when their there to help.

  • kim0711

    HealthShare Member

    thank you for your honesty and advise,it's nice talking to you.I like your inthusiasm about positive thinking to help you through.I have become very suisidel since November last year and the thoughts are becoming more frequant .Like you said the thoughts just come out of nowhere and hang on for grim death,there also lasting longer and I cann't shake them once they start.I've had one of those days all today and even now.I just keep thinking how nice it would be to sleep and not wake up,today I were even thinking of hanging myself,I'll have to learn how to make a hangmans noose.Or I want to do a runner,run somewhere no one knows me,use a different name and disappear into the wood work.I swear the meds I'm on don't work on days like today.Life is so bloody pointless,work,bills,kids,there is no fun,no me.

  • kim0711

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Grant, thank you for your time and input,I do apreciate it.I honestly don't know what my phicologist is up to,I go and talk,other then learning to meditate and putting a rubber band on my wrist and flicking it when I go off somewhere else in my head.I ‘m not to sure if she is actually doing much.All day I had negative thoughts going through my head,I started dry reaching again.I kept trying to switch it off,but! they kept coming back.By the time I got home I wanted to o.d,the only reason why I did’nt was there was'nt enough tablets to do it.It's that bad at the moment, I've had to take the day off work,I can feel myself shaking inside,i've made 2 mistakes at work in 2 days,we are'nt aloud to make mistakes,my boss said we have to address this isue,and this is more stress,it would be easier to die.I have no help at home,I 'm here so I get to do everything.I feel worthless.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kim, My heart goes out to your pain. I know how lonely you feel & I know how hard it is. It's me again the chocolate, wine & coffee addict. I see myself in a well climbing to the top I have been doing this for 10yrs & just when I see the sunshine outside something comes along & kicks me back down again & I get up again & back onto that ladder & start all over again. And it's tiring, draining & knocks your confidence for 6 but you get back up again. Have you told your psychologist you feel about her. I'm not sure how long you have felt like this but you need to keep doing what she says & find other ways, meditation does work I use it a lot. Looking back I think I stood at the kitchen sink every morning with the knife at my wrist for about 8 months. Even now when I go to bed I don't want to wake in the morning. I have taken lots of pills only to be very sick & sorry the next morning. I don't like it & I'll be damned it I'm going back there. I wouldn't shower for days so I got my hair cut short & I have to wash it each day to make it look desent for work (that problem solved) I am now working on getting up early enough to have breakfast again. Work on one bad habit at a time. My negative thoughts took over me as well so I wrote down nice comments about me so when I have those negative thoughts I then pull out my “nice me list” and read it, when I have a spare moment I read it & add to it. Work is tough but keep at it, you have to get up & go to work, not going to work is your really bad deal breaker it's not on don't let yourself do this. You are strong & tough & can get throught this. Read books about inspirational women who have done the hard yards. I had nothing on what they had been through. Like Grant said getting through each day is a huge acheivment & I tell myself that when i'm going to sleep instead of I don't want to wake in the morning,


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