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    I have had UC for 15yrs and it is in 70% of my bowel. Should I operate?

    I want to have surgery so I am rid of my UC but I'm not sure it is qualified as being severe enough. It is effecting my life and I have had it so long that I just want it gone. I am currently on Puri-nethol. I have read info that only 15-25% of people get surgery but do I have a choice to get it if I want or do I have to wait until I get worse?
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    You can choose to have surgery even if the colitis isn’t severe, although it’s a decision that should be made in consultation with your gastroenterologist who can then refer you to a colorectal surgeon.   The reasons why people with UC elect to have an operation often stems from being fed up with the constant presence of symptoms, which may not be all that severe, but are still bad enough to affect that person’s quality of life.   Other factors, such as duration of disease and risk of cancer may also influence the decision to have an operation.  It’s not a decision to be made lightly, especially in respect of the type of surgery that’s usually involved and expectations of the end result, which could mean swapping from one set of problems to a whole set of new ones.   For some people with resistant, distal UC, removal of the appendix has resulted in long-term remission.  It is not mainstream treatment.  However it’s open to patients to be able to discuss this with their specialist doctor/s.     

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