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    I dont want to leave my house, cant sleep properly always moody think silly thoughts, im 40 year old male ready to give in im sick of feeling the way i do and just cant seem to find something to help ive to professionals tried the depression drugs and still no better ive been living with this for to long now i think since i was around 19 or 20 years of age always thought it was just me wanting to do everything but i have tried lots of things and had lots of cars, bikes, boats and even have 4 kids but im always looking for whats missing to make me happy and normal, i cant keep a job i push my mates and even my family away i dont know how much more i can take nothing works and im feed up with it i havent been out with mates since i was 18 i just dont feel comfotable, i used to drink heaveyly from around,15 to 18 when i was hit buy a bus or truck that made me give up and ive tried numerous drugs but nothing makes me feel good whats wrong with me????????????
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