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    What can I do when I have tried all this and still feel this way?

    Single mum. Full time good job. Isolated and sad. Unable to create satisfactory social relations. Feeling black hole since at least 15-now 40, bullied, from ‘bad family’. Wanting to die. Finding relief and pleasure in researching the suicide subject. Will not die as I have a little son, so no worry.

    Smiling in social situations- very dissociated from my true feelings. Being unable to find peace in social situations, yet missing them very much. Left out almost every day.

    Going very low when alone. Then getting scared that it is so low that I cannot go any further and that I am really going to desert my son.

    Hardly remembering what it means to enjoy things, yet being active out of duty.

    Seen GP when was strong enough to say pls I need to see psychologist. Seen psychiatrist. Had therapies - unfortunate endings that now only hurt, with no energy heal myself from these contacts. Insomniac when on various antidepressants.

    Pls help. Help, which will never come.
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  • elfi

    HealthShare Member

    no single answer… why, why me

  • My research interests include immunology and the mechanisms of amyloid formation. The latter has implications for people who are dealing with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease … View Profile

    I am reading and I care.

    Maybe it might help if you thought about the things that you enjoyed in the past and think about revisiting them?

  • elfi

    HealthShare Member

    Thank you for your care.

  • Jason

    HealthShare Member

    Hi im a 40 year old male and im in the same boat as you dear im finding it hard to find help ive tried everything aswell from fast cars,bikes,boats and ive had 4 kids and im almost ready to give up i havent been out with mates to have fun since i was about 18 i could never get into it, ive pushed away my freind and even my family, its hard to tell people whats happening in your head im to the stage now where i just dont want to leave the house my kids have tried living with me but they move out as im always moody i try to stop but it hard to and im sick of feeling this way but what can be done, you are doing fine you have your kids love and dont let that go it hearts more trust me i know i have 4 that i hardly see anymore and they only live 15 min away, dont make the mistake of letting go, i have a nack for making my life worse just by thinking im doing the right thing, my latest good jesture or mistake (not sure how to look at it) my kids mother"s car died so i gave her mine nowing i have no real way of replacing it, but she has the kids and needs it. Well i hope by hearing a bit about my story it makes you feel a bit better. I as well now have no idea on how to fix my problems and im getting worse by locking my self away but i just cant help it and it sux.
    your freind

  • elfi

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Jason
    Thanks for response and  a ‘friend’ part. Take care.
    Your friend


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