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    I've barely got the ability to post this question... Let alone live.

    I am from what I understand, or have been informed by an array of nearly useless websites pertaining to mental health, and depression, that I “fit the symptoms” of depression, serious depression, possible bi-polar person. Admittedly, with a growing lack of overall functionality in, on or in any way tied to “living” it is nothing new to me. I've known that depression is a problem that I need to “do something” or “take something” for, going clear back to high school. I've been diagnosed in the past, taken a couple antidepressants, though, never through to “completion”. The reason being… why? Why keep a job? Why even entertain the idea of another romantic debacle? Why stand on my own two feet? Why commit to something,.. anything? Why post this question?…

    Why… “Why” is my world now, as in; "Why can't I function in this crap world?… Why can't I be anything but this waste I've become. Why did I let it get this bad? Why can't I find help w/out red tape and $$$?
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  • ThisWayForSoLong

    HealthShare Member

    I'm 35… ruined financially, emotionally crippled, socially awkward, unable to provide for my child, and dragging my poor elderly parents down with me…  I need help, but I don't know if I can, or have the drive to see anything through.  Let alone, something I've lived with long enough to see it as a part of who I am.    

    Sorry,… reread this, and I sound… 


    Anybody that can help… I have no money, no insurance, and very little drive left in me…  


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    I am sorry to read that things are hard for you.

    I suggest that you talk with your GP. S/he will be able to draw up a Mental Health Care Plan with you. That will entitle you to a number of Medicare-subsidised sessions with mental health professionals.

    Responding to a couple of things that you wrote:

    "websites pertaining to mental health"

    Dr Google is not a health professional. Please (as above) talk with IRL health professionals.

    "serious depression, possible bi-polar person"

    Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder are very different. The medications which may be indicated in treating them are not the same. 

    This is why (as above) I suggest that you get a Mental Health Care Plan and use it to see a psychiatrist. S/he will be able to assess you properly and, depending on the outcome, suggest appropriate medications which will help you.

    All the best.

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    It sounds like you have developed a very understandable coping strategy in response to your difficulties. By concluding that there is no point taking action, you may believe that you are protecting yourself from making a bad situation possibly worse (i.e. risking further disappointment or loss). Unfortunately this strategy, while it may have been helpful to you at some stage of your life, is now getting in the way of allowing you to persevere until you get the help you need. A part of you clearly already knows this - the part that is still reaching out for help. Simon has given some excellent suggestions about the next step, and I encourage you to see your GP and get this process started.

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