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    What can I do to improve my self confidence?

    My husband has depression and was diagnosed 11 years ago and has been medicated in that time and has been seeking councilling. I have noticed gradually over the last 4 or so years my confidence has been quite low more so over the last couple of years which is affecting me at home but more so at work. What can I do to improve this and lift my confidence back to where it was. I'm not sure if this is an affect of me trying to cope with my husbands depression, or does this mean I have a mild depression also?
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  • Katherine Ferris


    I am a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with more than a decade of clinical experience, specialising in issues caused by stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias … View Profile

    Next time you are lacking confidence, take a moment to really pay attention. Notice what is going on in your mind. In many instances low self confidence is caused by worry and a large dose of self-criticism.

    Of course, taking care of a husband with depression, who is less social and confident, would affect you as well. You may need to look at yourself with greater compassion and understanding. Learn to become your own best friend. Find ways to stop putting yourself down, be kind to yourself, then your self-conficence will improve.

    “You have been criticising yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens”. Louise L Hay 

    In conclusion, as a hypnotherapist I can honestly say that hypnotherapy has been of help to many people to reduce depression, anxiety, stress and worry; and to have better relationships with oneself and others.

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