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    Is there hope for my intractable depression?

    I'm a 53-year-old Japanese housewife who came to live in Australia 21 years ago. I've been suffering from depression for 28 years, during which time I've seen many psychiatrists and psychologists both in Japan and Australia and have tried many kinds of anti-depressants and ECT. I have also been admitted to hospital several times. But none of them has ever worked for me. I'm at my wits end and find myself driven to suicidal attempts. Can anyone help me find a way out?
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    I am sorry to read that meds and ECT have not helped you.

    Other therapies that you could discuss with your care team include: repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation and cranial electrotherapy stimulation.

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    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Honestly speaking, I can't feel very positive about those kinds of therapies.  Because I have had too many experiences of treatmet that didn't work.  And I'm afraid those therapiees would cost me a lot… ( I haven't been able to obtain permanent residency status yet.)

    I'm also a bit disappointed that no professional advisor has answer my question yet.

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    Dear Dr. Easterbrook-Smith,

    Thank you so much for your reply.  I may disduss with my doctor re the therapies you suggested.   But my concern is the cost of those therapies ( I'm not a permanent resident yet).  I have the Japanese National Health Insurance Policy that will cover 70% of an ordinary medical cost, but all those therapies you suggested are not coverd by my insurance policy.

    I'm still suicidal, but upon my husband's proposal, we've recently adopted a dog from the Shelter.  He is so sweet to me, so my husband and the dog are the only things that are preventing my suicidal attempt.

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