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    How can I recover quicker/exercise sooner after bunionectomy and broken sesamoid removed?

    I had a Bunionectomy and Broken sesamoid bones removed from my feet. I had this surgery ~6/12 now and have been able to resume most activity and the immediate pain I was getting before surgery has subsided. However I am trying to gradually get back to running but I'm still getting sore under the sole of my foot and the joint where the bunion and bones were fixed. Is there anything I can do to get moving quicker. I can tolerate short bursts of running on even ground but after awhile they get sore.
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  • Stewart Hayes

    Podiatrist (General)

    Stewart Hayes has experience as a podiatrist specialising in the area of “Sports Podiatry” since 1994 (the specialty dealing with biomechanical, sporting & overuse complaints … View Profile

    You need to consider factors such as your foot mechanics, core and gluteus medius muscle control, footwear, etc.  Just because the bunions and sesamoid were operated on does not mean that you are running correctly, have foot mechanics suited to running, are in the right shoes for your foot type & mechanics or you may need sports orthotics to improve your mechanics as these can take the pressure off the inside of your foot, thus unweight the region that had surgery.

    Consult with a podiatrist who specialises in video treadmill gait analysis and has experience with post surgical conditions.

    Good Luck,


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