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    What is an eccentric exercise program?

    I have tendonitis in both my forearms and I have been recommend to look at an eccentric exercise program. What is this?
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    Timothy Douge

    Exercise Physiologist, Pilates Instructor

    I am a Level 1 Pilates Instructor and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in chronic disease and lifestyle management. I have experience in managing Diabetes, … View Profile

    Muscles work in 2 different ways; concentric and eccentric.
    Concentric: When the muscle is contracting to bring the end points of the muscle closer together ie When you do a bicep curl your bicep contracts and shortens to bring your forearm towards your shoulder.
    Eccentric: When the muscle contracts but at the same time the end points of the muscle are being pulled further apart ie The downward phase of a bicep curl requires the bicep to contract but it's purpose is to control the motion so that the weight does not just “fall down” with gravity. 

    The muscles of the forearm are tricky because it is a joint that moves in so many directions so the important thing is to move in all of those aspects.
    1. Rotation - turning your hand plam up to palm down and back the other way.
    2. Flexion and Extention - Clenching your fist and pulling your fingers back towards you elbow
    3. Abduction and Adduction - Side to side

    The best piece equipment to accomplish all of these things would be a thera-band (a stretchy strip of thin rubber) which you can get from a physio usually. 

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    HealthShare Member

    Thank you for this information it is really helpful

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