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    Depression/guilt, where do I turn for help and get my life back on track?

    I have recently relocated interstate for a job which after only a very short time, I was fired from due to an alcohol incident at a work function. My partner gave up her job to move and my 18 month old child taken out of day care.

    I feel guilt and remorse of the incident, and don't know what way to turn. I have daily changing feelings from depression to suicidal thoughts but would not due to my child. My mood changes dramatically everyday and I do not want to bring down the family on the back of my own stupidity. Where would I turn to get help and get my life back on track?
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    Kirstin Bouse

    Clinical Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Psychologist

    Kirstin Bouse is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with close to 20 years-experience in providing therapy for a variety of psychological and interpersonal difficulties. She … View Profile

    Sounds like you are having a really tough time - feeling so low and worrying about your family. Given the kinds of things you are thinking and feeling, I think you'd be best to start by speaking with your GP. They can hear more about what you are going through and refer you to a Psychologist to help. You would most likely be able to get a referral to a Psychologist via one of the Medicare routes so that you'll get a rebate for your sessions.

    Even though you mention you won't harm yourself, given that you're having these kinds of thoughts I think it's really important to let your wife know just how low you're feeling. You need as much support as possible and I'm hoping she could be one avenue for that. If that sounds too daunting at first, perhaps it's something you could talk about with your Psychologist - how to raise it with your wife.

    You also mention drinking. I'm not sure whether you have a “drinking problem” as such - perhaps so if it's caused you to be fired - but there is also help for that out there too. Again, your GP and/or a Psychologist could help you work out what kind of help you need in that regard and link you in with the appropriate service. I

    n the meantime, you could check out some websites such as and to get some more informatio about what you are facing at the moment as well as service providers. I hope these suggestions help. 

  • Gaby Rodriguez

    HealthShare Member

    HI I understand what you are going thru and when i was at my lowest point the only thing that seemed to get me through was to know that there is help and that you are not allow. I know you probably feel alone but you are not lots of help available and you have a family that love you too.

    I am no professional but i know what helped me and that was i saw a phycologist and still am after 3 years. i was also advised to take anti depression tablets which helped smooth out the moods. But i then got to a point i needed more.

    I was thankful enough that i found something i could turn my attention too which teaches you to focus on others and helping others.

    Not only did this give me focus to make money and learn about my own personality through the education program( life coaching) but it also reminded me that my situation is nothing compared to some people which helped me put things in perspective and my depression began to diminish. after almost 2 years i was off my medicaiton and have been very stable and happier then ever.

    I hope this has helped in letting you know that there is help and that there are people that care.
    bottom line is, it is up to you to make the change. start with you GP and yes talk to your wife.
    Remember you have choices. Choose to be happy.

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