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    What is the difference between a fracture and a sprained ankle?

    I fell over the other day and since then my right ankle has become swollen and very red and I have numbness/tingling in right foot and leg. My right ankle has previously been broken twice in the same place.
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  • John Stevens

    Exercise Physiologist

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    The difference between a sprain and a fracture is in the type of tissue thats damaged. A sprain is  damage to the ligaments in a joint typically when a joint is pushed past its normal range of motion, such as when one rolls their ankle. A fracture is damage to the bone where it has become damaged by either acute or repetitive trauma. It sounds like you've done some significant damage either way and both can be varying degrees of serious so I would suggest you either see your GP or a physiotherapist as soon as convenient. In the mean time you could use ice and some gentle compression to control the swelling

  • Matthew Hodgson has over 20 years of experience and specialises in correcting the underlying cause of peoples problems. He uses advanced diagnostic techniques and leading-edge … View Profile

    The difference is a sprain involves the soft tissues, the muscle, ligaments or tendons. A fracture involves a break in the bone. Unfortunately with the ankle a fracture normally heals quicker than a sprain.
    As you are experiencing numbness and tingling you need to see a professional urgently as this can be serious for your long term health.
    Good luck.

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