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    How can I help my child cope with school stress?

    I am a mum of a 15 year old boy in school who is constantly under homework pressure - every night! Either that or he is studying for exams while losing sleep… how can I help him cope with school stress?
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    Dr Susan Rowe


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    Every family has different routines and every person has different strategies that work for them to manage stress. So what will be effective for you and your son may be different to other students.

    An important first step is for you to be familiar with his study load and when his assessments are due. Another equally important step is for there to be an open line of communication between the two of you so that he can use you as support when he is stressed.

    School teachers and guidance officers or school counsellors can be important contacts to make if you feel your son is struggling with the work load. These people at school often have fantastic advice and tried and true ways to help students cope with school stress. Bringing in these additional support people can help your son feel supported and not alone at this time.

    Often, school stress (if it is due to assessments) can be assisted by establishing good study skills and a set plan for how to study. This may include a detailed diary or calendar of a study plan, agreed times for study and agreed times for relaxation, and identification of the need for learning support such as a tutor. At least 8 hours sleep a night is important for the growing brain, particularly when a large amount of leaning is occuring. Equally important is a good diet and time for leisure activities to help decrease stress levels.

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