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    Can you test for OCD and what does it involve?

    I think i may suffer from OCD, i have an obsession with cleanliness and can wahs my hands 30 times a day, especially after leaving the house. I also lock the car doors and check them about five times over and often drive home just to check the house door is locked. Its certainl got worse over time and i think i may suffer from a mild case of OCD. Can i be tested for it and what would happen during the test?
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    There are a number of OCD Self-Screening Test which are designed to give insight into an individuals thought processes and resulting behaviours. A diagnosis will include the presence of obsessions and compulsions that cause major distress or disruption to daily life. It is important to remember that a qualified mental health professional should be consulted before making any self-diagnosis.

  • Dr Simon Kinsella

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    Diagnosing mental health conditions is a complex task.  There are many mistakes that unqualified people make, because there is a range of factors that can lead a person to act or feel a particular way.  Checklists will help you determine whether you have the symptoms of OCD, but will often not help determine the cause.  The symptoms you describe sound like OCD, but you should see a qualified mental health professional to clarify the diagnosis and to discuss treatment

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