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    Why do l feel incredibly tired at midday?

    Hi all,

    Looking for advice on what this could be. For the last 3 months at around lunch time I tend to totally crash and become phenomenally tired. Vision gets really blurry, feel very fatigued and have head aches.

    At first I thought it was perhaps caffeine withdrawal as I used to have coffee in the morning so I stopped drinking it for a month but nothing changed.

    I am a 26yo male who eats healthy and gets regular exercise. I don't smoke or do drugs but do have the occasional drink on the weekend.

    Odd thing is when I usually get home from work I'll go to the gym and be really energetic for and hour - but as soon as I finish the tiredness returns, I do not get pumped up from working out like I used to.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?
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    Nicholas Karam

    Exercise Physiologist

    Specialist treatment for injury rehabilitation, management of diabetes, weight management, corporate health View Profile


    There are a few potential reasons for this. The symptoms you have listed sound quite typical of those of an individual with low blood sugar levels. It may be that what your consuming does not match your energy or metabolic requirements. Another potential cause may be a change in your circadian rhythm. We tend to naturally ‘dip’ (our body slows down) just after lunch - this is where siesta's come from! If you have started to wake a little earlier in the morning your body could be responding like this.

    Not experiencing the post exercise ‘high’ does raise a few questions… However before going into a range of potential scenarios I would suggest that you consult your GP for further assessment. A blood test certainly won't go astray.

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    Peta Adams


    I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian locally born and working within the Riverina.I have a passion for helping people to achieve their nutrition goals, coaching … View Profile

    Yes maybe it could be that looking into your food choices over the day could be agood start.

    Are you including adquate protein and carbohydrates at Breakfast, Lunch and snacks over the day?

    Eg. 1/2 cup of muesli with nuts, fruit and low fat milk/yogurt, Mixed salad with 4 bean mix and low fat fetta cheese, avocado. Snacks, nuts/greek yogourt with berries or 2 corn thins with cheese or peanut butter/Skim latte.

    The timing of your intake could be important also try to include a snack/meal every ~ 3 hrs this might help to prevent massive “crashes” in your energy levels.

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    Charmaine Sully

    Massage Therapist

    Remedial Massage Therapist. Qualified at Katoomba TAFE. Use a range of techniques such as deep tissue, myofasical release, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF stretches, rhythmic style … View Profile

    Try going for a brisk walk outside for lunch time, include climbing stairs if practical.  At least 10mins and to get your heart going faster.

    Try experimenting with what types of carbs work better, if you have a high carb breakfast make sure it's wholegrains (eg rolled oats) or sourdough bread, and also say you have 4 slices of bread or 2 cups of cereal try halving it.  

    If you have breakfast at 6am and don't eat all till lunchtime, and having lunch wakes you up, you could have half your breakfast at work.

    If you get super tired after lunch, your most likely eating too much for lunch, and could try more salad and fibre to fill you up, and having half at lunch and saving the rest for later.

    Also consider what your wearing and the temperature, being too warm can make you feel sleepy.

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