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    How long does skin rejuvenation therapy take to heal?

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    I am 39 and am looking into cosmetic procedures to reduce the lines I'm developing and prevent further ones from happening. I have the fine lines of a smoker. I have read about ‘skin rejuvenation therapies’ and ‘chemical peels’. I don't know what else is available. I am asking, what is the most effective treatment for fine lines and how long does it take to heal. How much does it cost (roughly). Who is a trusted practitioner for this type of treatment, in Redcliffe?
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  • Dr. Ehsan Jadoon

    Cosmetic Physician

    I am a Sydney based Cosmetic Physician. My speacial areas of interest are advanced facial and body sculpturing and recontouring using minimally invasibe medical and ... View Profile

    Hi, I believe your question is about smoker's lines or perioral lines ( around your lips). Women develop this problem typically in 3rd, 4th and 5th decades of life. It can be due to premature photoageing, smoking, dental issues and genetic predisposition. Commonly used first line treatments for perioral lines are small doses of botox and dermal fillers. This can then be complimented with procedures like fractional skin resurfacing, skin needling, Platelet Rich Plasma and chemical peels. Typically , a treatment involving botox and dermal fillers for peri-oral rejuvenation can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000 depending upon the quantity of the product used and experience of the clinician. Downtime depends upon the procedure. For botox there is generally no down time ( unless you are unlucky and get a bruise). For dermal fillers, it depeds upon the clinicians experience and method. My patients usually have no down time and can go straight to work or any fuction with just some concealing makeup. Hope this answer is helpful . 

  • Dr Mark Edinburg

    Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive & Cosmetic)

    Utilising my experience and passion for my chosen field, I am able to combine my skills as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and an artist. So, ... View Profile

    Hello, thanks for your question.

    I'm not exactly sure which fine smokers lines you refer to(they occur in a few areas on the face), so I'll give you a good summary.

    There are injections to relax the muscles that cause the creases or wrinkles(most common are Botox and Dysport). Frown lines, or 'angry' lines in the forehead, and around the eyes are commonly treated. 

    Then there are dermal fillers(like Restylane, Emerval or Juvederm) that gives back volume that we lose as we age- that exhausted look under the eyes can often be so much improved with this. Or these fillers can be used to give back some lip volume, and improve those lines around the lips(known as smokers lines but present in us all, whether we smoke or not).

    Then there are also a range of treatments for the skin- peels, using many different strengths and components and downtime (in my Clinic we use only medical-grade so that we can tailor these peels uniquely to each patient), and  a range of products to improve skin health and quality, which will also improve those lines. These have varying effects, costs, downtime and efficacy. As an example, in my practice we use V2 injector, PRP, skin boosters and medical-grade needling, amongst others. They all do slightly different things, with different effects.

    OK, so now you ask- wow, I'm overwhelmed, how do I know what is best for me, my skin, and my lifestyle? There is no one-treatment-fits-all. I believe a clinic that can offer you a range of treatments, that has medical expertise (to understand your skin and be able to tailor treatments to your unique situation), is the way to go. Once someone professional can do the assessment, you can be presented with options that are appropriate for you. You may choose, or need, just one form of treatment, or you may go for combination of treatments. And just about everyone should be using great skincare to maintain and improve our results.

    That's the beauty of consulting with a professional. You can be advised and guided by someone who is a specialist in this area. You are not supposed to know which to choose, without getting some help. And then the two of you can decide on a treatment plan best for you.

    So, your question was a great one. Skin is complicated. And luckily, we have many options for treatment today, with great results.

    I hope this helps.


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