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    How long does skin rejuvenation therapy take to heal?

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    I am 39 and am looking into cosmetic procedures to reduce the lines I'm developing and prevent further ones from happening. I have the fine lines of a smoker. I have read about ‘skin rejuvenation therapies’ and ‘chemical peels’. I don't know what else is available. I am asking, what is the most effective treatment for fine lines and how long does it take to heal. How much does it cost (roughly). Who is a trusted practitioner for this type of treatment, in Redcliffe?
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  • Dr Ehsan Jadoon

    Cosmetic Physician

    Hi, I believe your question is about smoker's lines or perioral lines ( around your lips). Women develop this problem typically in 3rd, 4th and 5th decades of life. It can be due to premature photoageing, smoking, dental issues and genetic predisposition. Commonly used first line treatments for perioral lines are small doses of botox and dermal fillers. This can then be complimented with procedures like fractional skin resurfacing, skin needling, Platelet Rich Plasma and chemical peels. Typically , a treatment involving botox and dermal fillers for peri-oral rejuvenation can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000 depending upon the quantity of the product used and experience of the clinician. Downtime depends upon the procedure. For botox there is generally no down time ( unless you are unlucky and get a bruise). For dermal fillers, it depeds upon the clinicians experience and method. My patients usually have no down time and can go straight to work or any fuction with just some concealing makeup. Hope this answer is helpful . 

  • Dr Christina Tan

    Cosmetic Physician

    Look Your Best Without Surgery. Melbourne Cosmetic Medicine is a dedicated cosmetic medical clinic, specialising in non-surgical cosmetic enhancement using the most popular Anti-Wrinkle Injections, … View Profile

    The mobile areas of the face around the eyes and mouth are where fine lines first develop with ageing.

    If you are a smoker, the first thing to do is to stop immediately. Smokers have more advanced skin ageing from the nicotine damage.

    Using good medical skincare products containing quality vitamin ABC serums can help to improve skin quality.

    The most important skincare product is a broad spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen. Excessive sun exposure contributes significantly to premature skin ageing such as fine lines and skin discoluration.

    A series of broad band light (BBL) treatments has no downtime, helps to improve uneven skin discolourations, and stimulates collagen regrowth to soften the fine lines.

    A small amount of Botox and fillers around the mouth and eyes area, can help to restore volume loss, and decrease dynamic wrinkles. Treatment has no downtime, and you can return to work straight away. Slight bruising and swelling can be covered with makeup, and goes away on it's own in a few days.

    Cost of treatment will depend on the amount of product injected, and is usually quoted during the consultation. Most clinics have some pricing guidelines on their websites, which can give you an approximate ballpark.

    More severe wrinkles may need ablative fractional resurfacing lasers such as erbium or carbon dioxide. There is a downtime of up to a week.

    See a qualified cosmetic doctor for a thorough consultation and assessment, before deciding on which treatment options suit you best.

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