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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Can someone recommend some foods for someone post wisdom teeth extraction?

    I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed in two weeks - can anyone suggest a liquid diet or soft mushy food that will still fill me up?
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    Dr Barbara Szylkarski has 18 years experience in private practice dentistry for adults and children. She has also worked alongside one of brisbanes renowned prosthodontists, … View Profile

    Below are some soft diet suggestions:

    Fruits:  Fruit purees and sauces.  There are plenty of pre-packed purees available. Eg: Bannanas and peaches, watermelon and soft pears.

    Vegetable:  Cook all vegetables a little longer so they are extra soft.  They may be diced or pureed.  Eg: Mashed potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, broccoli,peas.

    Meat,  Fish and Poultry:  All are okay if minced or ground in a blender.  Fish should be sufficiently soft once cooked to eat, but ensure it has no skin.  Eg:  minced chicken, beef, pork, sausages with the skin removed.

    Breads, Pasta, Rice:  Soft white bread with the crust removed, avoid grains and seeds, overcooked small pasta pieces.

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    Dr. Marcel Lee is the owner and director of SYDNEY SMILES DENTAL. He has lived in Sydney’s North Shore since 1991. He attended St. Ignatius’ … View Profile

    Generally as discussed above, we normally state anything you enjoy without it being hamburgers or foods that require alot of chewing or opening your mouth wide, you will know if you go too far. 

    We suggest that you look after yourself, try not to get too hot or too cold.  Take water and fluids regularly and foods to promote healing.  If you do not feel like eating please take milkshakes, avoid thickshakes as the straw action often is too much movement.  If you have any questions please contact your health care provider.

    Kind regards

    Karla PM for Dr Lee

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    Soft food would be best but avoid anything with peanut oil and biscuits are definitely out. Ice Cream is always a winner with patients with a sore mouth as it is both soft and the cold has a soothing effect. 

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