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    I'm thinking of taking a vacation. Can weather affect my COPD symptoms?

    I've recently been diagnosed with COPD and my wife and I need to get away for a bit as it has been quite a stressful time. We are just unsure if we should be looking to go to colder or humid climates?
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    Dr Sina M. Keihani

    Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Dr Keihani is a Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine and also a Specialist in Sleep Disorders. He is the Director of SleepMed Australia and Consults … View Profile

    In COPD there is inflammation in the airways, which makes them more prone to irritability.  If there are irritants in the air for example this could cause irritation, and for some patients it changes in the weather, in some patients it is dust, while in others it's pollen's. Each of these factors could worsen the airways and enhance the symptoms of COPD.

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