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    What are the scabs in my nose caused by?

    For about a year now I have had continuous nose sores on the nostrils of my nose. They never seem to heal. I have tried taking lycene tablets and also a cream inside my nose but they didn't work. I then went to the doctor and she put me on the antibiotic E moxin which also didn't work! I plan to see another doctor soon and have an assessment but please if anyone could help me that would be fantastic as they are a real pain and stress for me!
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    Dr Larry Kalish

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    They are caused by a combination of trauma usually picking, nose blowing etc, an infection usually staph and good airflow with a deviation of the septum

    start by leaving it alone, absolutely no touching, use a nasal gel like FESS nasal gel or neilmed nasal gel 2-3 a day and give it a week

    if it still hurts you will need an antibiotic cream like bactroban and a doctor to make sure the diagnosis is right 

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