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    How do I cope with depression from work-related injuries, problems at work, IBD and diabetes?

    I have been through one thing after another for so long.

    I suffer from depression caused from a work-related injuries and problems at work, so I am on medication for this but lately it has been one thing after another. I was very sick last year and nearly died, was diganosed with IBD then diabetes, then got back and leg injury and thyroid problems and both need to have surgery for them. It has been one stress after another.. I can cope some days then other days it gets to much for me and just want to crawl up in a ball and just hide from everyone I am not sure what to do is this normal or should I seek help.
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  • Kathy Howson

    HealthShare Member

    When I had issues with my Crohns Disease several years ago the best thing I did was seeing a Psychologist who worked with people with chronic disease. I did some cognitive behaviour therapy and still use it to make my life more positive whilst the negetive goes on in my life. My visits were mostly covered under Medicare due to the chronic nature of the disease - have a chat with your GP about a plan and get a referral.

    Also do a search of IBD - there are a few support websites around now.

  • anne j

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Nannak  thank you for your answer I was seeing a physcologist but she actually sacked me after 3 sessions she didin't think we were working out and actually I don't think she knew how to deal with someone that had all these chronic diseases.  How do you know if the physcologist is able to treat chronic diseases? 

  • Kathy Howson

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Anne, I think I looked it up on the Australian Psychological website

    Also there is a new online psychological assessment and treatment program for IBD through Swinburne University, that might be worth a try.

    Hope you are able to get some help - I have had Crohns for many years but thankfully not a lot of other problems on top of it - but alas I am getting older.

  • Anonymous

    thank you for the resources I really appreciate it. 

  • anne j

    HealthShare Member

    thank you so much for the  resources I really appreciste it.

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