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    Sad and depressed, no one understands...

    I am so alone and sad…I just did the dep test I ticked every box :-(
    I have been suffering depression on and off for 8 years. You think I would be able control it but it seems to be getting worse. I really dont wont to see anyone or do anything- not even cook my dinner no matter how hungry I get.
    Just keep going to bed I even want to stop typing and go to bed but I must try and get some conversations happening with people who understand depression and wont say things like snap out of it- err that makes me so angry when people say that. I know they mean well but just dont get it do they.
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    HealthShare Member

    I would just like to say i really do u.derstand how your feeling.
    going through depression is awful and i woulnt wish it on any one.
    I would like to share some things that help me over those days where i go in to those deep black holes.
    I really have to push my self to avcually just go outside in the sunshine.
    start doing the things that make you feel good.
    those i enjoy are walking swiming bike rides and commu.ity work as in volunteer work.
    I hope i have helped even if it is in a small way.
    I believe you really have to experience the feelings of depression to be able to really u.derstand how the person is when they are going through the depression.
    take care & hope your feeling better soon. B-)

  • sadtimes

    HealthShare Member

    Hi B,
    Thank you for your reply .
    i went to c a counseller today seems like i have a long road ahead of me.
    I have been forcing myself to get out of the“ black holeĀ  as you discribed it” and do things even its a small task its hard but small steps are required when we with depression are so fragile.

    Your reply has helped and given me some thought about community work because when i am feeling well i am a good listener and i have a compationat ear please excuse my spelling i know it so bad i just get mental blanks when it comes to spelling.

    Once again thank you for taking the time to read my message .
    I hope you are well thank you :-)

  • lcbabe

    HealthShare Member

    Evng i am sorry it has taken a while to respond to your response on my comment.
    I am pleased tht a few kind words could help you.
    I truly do understand where your at, with the depression.
    i hope you keep up those baby steps as they will get bigger as you become “STRONGER” :-)


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