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    I'm feeling very alone and unliked by most people, need advice?

    I don't like myself and neither does anyone else. If I try and talk to people, especially step-family, I seem to say the wrong thing and it gets me in trouble.

    I don't mean to, don't even realise what I'm saying is being taken the wrong way, but seems to happen all the time. Obviously I am not a good person. Otherwise how can I want in my heart to do the right thing by everyone but whatever I do seems to come back and bite me. Maybe just stop talking to everyone. That way they can think I am horrible anyway and at least I will know that I can't have done/said anything wrong.

    The only people that seem to love me unconditionally is my real family - my 2 daughters, my parents and my sister. And only 1 of those live close! But I can't talk to them about how I feel. I don't even think my partner of 5 years likes me a lot of times - I even manage to get in trouble trying to be nice to him!
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  • Anonymous

    I love him soooo much and I only want to be there to support him and help him and enjoy a life with him, but I feel so isolated because I feel like there is a lot happening in his life that he doesn't share with me. Probably cause if he tells me he's worried I will stuff things up and make things worse. Cause it seems I don't even need to talk to anyone to be able to do that! Again - this must be more proof - I must be bad. Maybe I deserve to be alone and miserable. If I can't make other people happy, what right should I have to be happy.

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    I endorse what Grant said about cognitive behavioural therapy - it has been a major factor in my recovery from depression. Essentially it involves learning (usually with help from a clinical psychologist) to notice unhelpful thoughts and then to challenge them - in effect asking yourself “Hang on, is there any evidence for the validity of that thought?”. Very often the answer is “No.” which can be empowering.

    All the best.

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