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    Depression - how can I help myself?

    I am 39 year old mother of 4 children who has been through divorce and currently with a partner but i feel stuck. I am currently on 100mg Zoloft. I have been diagnosed with sever meloncoly depression. I am totally unmotivated, unemployed and about to declare bankruptcy. I just feel like i want to sleep until its all over. Please guide me to a few steps that i can do to try to help myself.
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    Stacey Bryden

    Dietitian, Exercise Scientist, Nutritionist

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    Good nutrition and regular moderate exercise has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of depression in many studies. Specifically, the following recommendations have often been cited:

    • Increase your omega-3 intake, either through fatty fish (salmon, tuna) or a fish oil supplement (take the dose prescribed on the packaging)
    • Consume at least 5 serves of colourful vegetables per day (1 serve = 1/2 cup cooked vegetables or 1 cup leafy salad)
    • Eat plenty of grain breads and cereals, choosing low GI (check the label for the low GI symbol)
    • Avoid high sugar foods, or consume only very occasionally in small amounts (sugary soft drinks, sweet biscuits, cakes, lollies)
    • Wherever possible, consume only lean protein sources (lean meats, low fat dairy)
    • Drink plenty of water (2-3 L per day)
    • Avoid alcohol
    • Go for a comfortably brisk walk every day, for at least 30 minutes, or any other exercise that you might enjoy (eg. yoga, pilates, a game of tennis)

    For more information, you might like to visit the following link:

    Hope this helps and that you feel better soon :-)

  • soverydepressed

    HealthShare Member

    Dearest Stacey,

    Thank you very much for your thoughts and reply to my desperate pleas for advice.

    I understand your comments and their value and will have to force myself out of this mindset, get off my own backside and follow some, or hopefully all of your advice.

    Thank you again for your consideration in responding to my requests for steps to help myself.

    Sincere Regards,

  • Anonymous


    Very nice of you to reply to thank me :-)

    I notice you said that you will have to “force myself out of this minset, get off my own backside and follow the advice”. I just want to emphasise that, while nutrition has been shown to be very effective, I also know what it's like to be so depressed that it's difficult to make even the smallest changes due to lack of motivation, etc. I've been there myself. My advice above came from strictly a professsional viewpoint and was hence constrained to the bounds of my qualifications. However, from my own personal experience, I know that depression is best managed “holistically” through (for example) medications, counselling, social support - depending on what works for YOU. Nutrition and exercise is just part of it. Just focus on taking care of yourself with whatever small steps that you feel you can manage :-). In saying that, I think Annemarie's advice to address the underlying issues through counselling is a great first step and one you should seriously consider.

    All the best for your recovery,

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