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    Does hair loss due to peri menopause ever grow back?

    My hair has thinned considerably in the last 18 months or so probably a loss of about 30%. I had fine thin hair before the loss so its very obvious & distressing. I am 53 years old & in peri menopause. Just started HRT 2 weeks ago for my awful mood swings. Hoping this will bring my hair back?
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    Dr Barry Wren

    Endocrinologist, Gynaecologist

    Dr Barry Wren was one of the original founders of the International Menopause Society in 1976 and subsequently founded the Australian Menopause Society, becoming its … View Profile

    Hair loss is not a feature of the peri-menopause. The commonest cause for hair loss in women is hereditary factors. If father, uncles, grand parents, etc have genes involved in baldness, women may inherit this feature and have a tendency to have thin or sparse hair as they age. Other non-hormone causes are toxins from an external source or from some chronic disease, while poisons and chemotherapy also cause hair loss. Psychological causes are also relatively frequent in those women who suffer anxiety, stress or depression causing alopecia areata or alopecia totalis. Hormone influence is relatively rare and is usually associated with an over production of male hormones, not loss of female estrogen.

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