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    Suggestions for someone with gluten intolerance?

    I have issues with some vegetables, lentils/beans, gluten free carbs, lollies including GF. It seems that I virtually can't eat anything!!
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  • Personally experienced diabetes and coeliac dietitian. Marchini Nutrition is a dietitian service set up to help those with or at risk of diabetes and coeliac … View Profile

    As an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) I would be interested to know what the ‘issues’ are that you're having and depending on what they are and their severity there may be some allergy tests that could help determine what it is that is causing them.  At this early stage I would suggest you seek advice from a medical professional and/or an APD with a special interest in food intolerances/allergies.  Try the Dietitians Association of Australia website or for food specific information try

  • Dr Adam Gavine


    I am a chiropractor who specialises in Active Release Techniques and instrument assisted soft-tissue treatment. I have a keen interest in everything nutritional as I … View Profile

    I agree with Suzanne, often the problem is not the foods you are currently eating, it's the fact that your gut is not functioning properly. Work on getting your digestion right! You can consult your GP and have them refer you for the Heidleberg test, which is expensive and rather unpleasant, however, it will give you very precise numbers for your stomach pH. There is a low tech method of testing for hypochloridia as well developed by Dr Myatt in the United States (see link below for this test). She recommends taking Betaine HCL (supplement) for a time with meals and see if it changes anything for you, if it does you most likely have hypochloridia. 

    Dr Myatt's test 

    Betaine HCL

    Here are some links if you wish to learn more about hypochloridia

    Hope that helps


    Dr Adam Gavine
    BHK, M.Chiro

  • Joanna Baker

    Nutritionist, Registered Nurse

    Everyday Nutrition founder Joanna Baker has been working in healthcare for 2o years. As an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and a Registered Nurse, she has seen … View Profile

    Must be very frustrating for you!

    Depending on the “issues” you are having there are a few different approaches you can use. Primarily the help of a GP or an Accredited Practising Dietitian can help narrow down the problem and lead you towards appropriate treatment.
    Joanna Baker
    BHSc. RN Div I. Grad cert human nutr.

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