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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Detox diets- which are recommended if any?

    What is the difference between all the various detox diets and which is most recommended?
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  • Rebecca Charlotte Reynolds, PhD (Dr Bec) Personable and ethical registered nutritionist (RNutr) and lecturer at UNSW Australia in lifestyle and health. Regular consultant to the … View Profile

    The ONLY detox diet I would recommend is this:
    - Drink 8 glasses of water each day.
    - Eat 2 + 5 serves of fruit and vegetables per day - or even more (especially vegetables, not potatoes, not fruit or veg juices) (
    - Get plenty of sleep.
    - Exercise.
    - Eat low GI carbs, e.g. quinoa, oats, barley, Burgen breads, chickpeas…
    - Have olive oil.
    - Eat oily fish.
    - Eat lean meats.
    - Cut out most of your “processed/packaged” snacks, e.g. reduce salt intake, refined/added sugar intake, etc.
    - Eat more nuts.

    !  Other detox diets, e.g. eating only cabbage for a week, are SILLY and potentially harmful!!!!

    :) Dr B

  • Melissa Adamski

    Dietitian, Nutritionist

    I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN) with a passion for food and good nutrition. I also have my own private … View Profile

    Well said Dr Bec! Detox diets can be detrimental to health! There is no strong evidence our bodies (including liver) need ‘detoxing’. Detox diets may cause people to lose weight- not because they are healthy but becuase they are extremely restrictive- and because of the usually short time frame involved (eg 1-2 weeks) the weight lost is usually water and muscle from the body.

    Beginning a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle like the one Dr Bec mentioned is a great way to a healthier you!

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    Chris Fonda

    Dietitian, Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian

    As an Accredited Sports Dietitian, APD and athlete (springboard diver), Chris has both professional and personal experience in sport at the sub-elite and elite level.Chris … View Profile

    Great answer Dr Bec! May I add to your list that you should also limit your intake of alcohol and also caffeine if you are considering going on a detox.

    Alcohol is a toxin to the body and has a significant effect on the liver and can lead to liver disease if consumed in excess. If you can't cut out alcohol all together aim for no more than 2 standard drinks on any day, and have at least 2 alcohol free days per week.

    Cutting down on caffeine if you have too much is also a good idea. Aim for around 3 cups maximum per day of coffee/ tea. Alternatively you may wish to try green tea instead.

    Hope this helps :)

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