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    Does drinking wine before bedtime increase the chances of snoring?

    my wife complains that i snore much more when i have two glasses of wine
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    A/Prof Larry Kalish

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    YES - any alcohol will cause hypotonia (muscle relaxation) and that means more collapse of the upper airways and more snoring

    to reduce snoring –

    1. Reduce alcohol at night
    2. Go to bed earlier - the more tired you are the more likely you are to snore
    3. Try sleeping on your side rather than your back - using a wedge pillow may keep you on your side
    4. Go to sleep LATER than your partner and that way they are less likely to notice


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    HealthShare Member

    Thank you Larry -this is all great advice but i really do like to relax with the newspaper and wine at night so it will have to be the final (and practical !) solution.
    thanks johnnie

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    Dr Maree Barnes

    Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Dr Barnes has competed specialty training in sleep medicine and is currently working at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. Dr Barnes’ current research focuses are: … View Profile

    Yes, alcohol causes muscle relaxation, therefore you are more likely to snore after you have been drinking. Although you could solve the immediate problem by going to bed after you wife is asleep, this avoids the issue of whether your snoring is pointing towards you having a more serious problem - obstructive sleep apnoea. This is a significant medical problem and may have serious consequences, including high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. You should see your doctor to have this checked.

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    The Sleep Health Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of ‘valuing sleep’ as part of a healthy lifestyle alongside regular exercise, a … View Profile

    For more information on snoring, the Sleep Health Foundation has an informative fact sheet on its website. To learn more about snoring and access over 60 fact sheets on sleep disorders click here .

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