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    Will sit-ups and ab exercises help me lose weight around my stomach?

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    Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist

    I am an accredited Exercise Physiologist and have worked with a variety of clients including chronic disease, general population, athletes and corporate/workplace. To give a ... View Profile

    To give you a short quick answer it will a little but your time would probably be better served jogging or being on a bike if you have excess fat around the waist line.

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    Exercise Physiologist

    I have been an Exercise Physiologist in Tasmania commencing private practice (Coastal Physiotherapy) in Burnie Tasmania in 2010. Prior to this I completed a Bachelor ... View Profile

    Put simply, no. Like the above comment suggests, aerobic- based exercise is much more effective if the goal is to lose weight and reduce your waist circumference. Meeting, or if possible exceeding the national guidelines of 150mins/week of moderate intensity aerobic-based planned exercise (minimium) would be a start and then you can build up from there. Pick a type of exercise (brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing etc) you enjoy and stick with it!
    Remember not to discount diet. Energy balance is crucial!!

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    Exercise Scientist, Physiotherapist

    Sports Physiotherapist for over 30 years, now more interested in teaching. Men's Health is my only clinical interest and not just the dangly bits. I ... View Profile

    Yes. But only if you do the ab workouts instead of eating. Seriously. When you crave an energy top up, replace it with a 10 minute distraction (I call this an `abstraction`) then bask in the warm glow of successfully breaking a habit.

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    Exercise Scientist

    Laura Majewski is a qualified Sports and Exercise Scientist and an accredited member of ESSA. Laura graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Applied ... View Profile

    I agree with the comments above. Keep a balanced, healthy diet in order and engage your core in exercises such as squats, deadlifts, standing shoulder press, jogging or sprinting. You will be waisting (excuse the pun) your time if these aren't in check before isolating your core.

    I hope this helps,


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