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    Can other factors besides smoking cause emphysema?

    I have always associated emphysema with long-term smoking. Is there any other way to get emphysema?
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    In Australia, COPD usually occurs in people who have smoked or continue to smoke cigarettes.  However, it can be caused by environmental or genetic factors.

    Other known causes of COPD include:

    • Passive smoking, especially during infancy when the lungs are still developing
    • Exposure to occupational dusts and chemicals.  Miners and livestock farmers are at heightened risk of COPD.
    • Environmental agents, including indoor and outdoor pollution, however this is more a problem in the developing world.
    • Women may be a t greater risk of environmental agents than men due to the fact that they generally have smaller lungs and more sensitive airways.
    • A small proportion of COPD is as a result of a genetic deficiency of the protein alpha-1 antitrypsin, a substance whose role is to protect the lung from damage. airways.

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