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    Long term Childhood bullying leads to PTSD in Adulthood

    I was bullied at school from the age of 5 to when I left school at at 18. I was taught to “just ignore them” and this approach didnt work.
    I have been to hell and back as a result of being severely bullied at school. I have been suicidal 6 times, I have been misdiagnosed and subsequently mismanaged by the public mental health system in regional Australia. As I continued to attend the mental health unit, my symptoms had become unmanageable and completely suicidal,my parents physically removed me from there and took me to Brisbane to find help. I arrived here in debt, heavily medicated and grieving for my dog, home and partner that I left behind.
    I continued with the public system for about a year until I could afford to pay for a private psychologist and it wasnt until my sister and I researched every private psychologist in Brisbane and hand picked one that we thought could help me, that I was finally diagnosed with PTSD, and now one year on, I am better than I have ever been.
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    • Anthony Berrick
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  • Anthony Berrick


    I'm really glad to hear you've got the help you needed at last - and really disappointed to hear that the public health system let you down for so long. 

    Thanks for sharing your story here - I'm sure it will help others who have been through similar experiences. 


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