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    How can someone with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) prevent jaw dislocation?

    I have TMJ and once when I opened my jaw too wide it became dislocated. What is the best way to prevent this from happening again?
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    TMJ dislocation can continue to happen in people with loose TMJ ligaments. To keep this from happening too often, dentists recommend that people limit the range of motion of their jaws. For example, someone with this problem should place a fist under the chin when yawning to keep the mouth from opening too widely. Use common sense . Cut your apple or roll or sandwich, dont directly use your front teeth and bite into these foods . Dont eat foods that are chewy . Limit yawning , sneezing or coughing…..and injury to the jaw :) 
        If you find these things too hard to do, and your problem persists . Visit us , we have a range of mild and moderate treatments as required , that are always successful . (Somtimes we refer you to our excellent specialists).

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    Kerry Read


    Headline Physiotherapy for the Head Neck and Jaw deals specifically with TMJ Facial Pain Headache Migraine and other musculoskeletal issues involving the cranial area. All … View Profile

    Try this little exercise! Say ‘en’, keep your tongue on the N spot behind your front teeth. Check in mirror. Open and close your mouth keeping the tongue in place. This should give you your own safe opening distance. Do this often, especially before eating and follow the advice given above. Your muscles will gradually learn how to self-limit your opening and keep you out of trouble.

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