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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What are the early signs of prostate cancer?

    Prostate cancer runs in my family. As a 45 year old, I would like to be aware of some of the early signs to watch out for…
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    Dr Cristina Musso

    Counsellor, Sex Therapist

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    Having prostate cancer running in your family certainly put you at risk and is indeed a reason for periodical medical checkups. However it doesn’t mean you will develop prostate cancer.

    Symptoms can be absent or be minors at earlier stages. Because the prostate is a small gland that wraps the urethra, just below the urinary bladder, any change that compress the urethra would cause urinary problems and it could be a indication of either a benign, non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate (common in adult men) or the existence of a tumor.

    Prostate cancer has a higher prevalence in >60 years old men. It generally is a slow growing cancer and may not be life-threatening. However, there are exceptions; some cancers may have a rapid development and may spread causing metastasis in other parts of the body.

    It is difficult to rely on symptoms when we think of prostate cancer early diagnosis. In my opinion, the best strategy is awareness and prevention. Visit your doctor and have an honest chat regarding your concerns. Most doctors will perform some tests to assess your prostate and general health condition suggesting further directives.

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    Dr Tony Gianduzzo is a leader in development and delivery of urological services, and has now introduced Robotic-assisted Transperineal Prostatic Biopsy to the state. His … View Profile

    Early prostate cancer usually causes no symptoms. Any urinary problems are mostly coincidental.

    For men over 40 with a strong family history of prostate cancer a checkup once a year is reasonable. This should at least be a PSA blood test, and preferably a digital rectal examination.

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