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    have you had stage 3 rectal cancer and live in australia.

    how are you managing post op. bowel control.
    have you any diet tips.
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    Thank you for your question about stage 3 rectal cancer, and living in Australia.

    We hope you receive lots of helpful feedback from other community members.

    In addition to sharing your experiences with the bowel cancer community on Healthshare, and receiving feedback from other community members, there are a few Bowel Cancer Australia support services available that may be of interest (if you haven't used them already) including:

    Ask Bowel Cancer Australia's  Nurse Adviser a Question.

    Ask Bowel Cancer Australia's  Nutritionist Adviser a Question.

    Join the ‘Love My Family’ Community.

    Sending our best wishes to you for your treatment and recovery.

    Kind Regards,
    The team at Bowel Cancer Australia

    Please Note: The information provided by Bowel Cancer Australia’s Nurse and Nutritionist Advisory Services is intended for Australian residents as a reference guide only.  It is not a substitute for independent professional advice and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.
    If you believe your symptoms are consistent with those of bowel cancer or a digestive illness, please consult your doctor.
    Bowel Cancer Australia, its directors, officers or medical professionals shall not be liable to any person, company or any other body for any loss, direct or indirect or consequential on whatsoever account for any omission or negligent misstatement.

  • Anonymous

    I was diagnosed with T3bN1 rectal cancer in Sept. 2011. Had 6 weeks chemo and radiation and colorectal resection with ileostomy stoma (bag)  late December. Spent 7 nights in hospital and then home for 6 weeks before another round of chemo for 12 weeks, one day a week.
    Luckily no severe reaction to either chemo or radiation except tiredness and feeling weak.
    Lost about 5 kilo weight during and after hospitalisation. Have put it back on now and have 2 weeks of chemo to go before scans to see if cancer has spread.
    If not, specialist will operate within 2 months to reverse stoma and hopefully be back to normal.
    Have to put on more weight before 2nd operation as you will lose weight while in hospital and start of recovery.
    Have heard that re-connection can have problems with loose bowels and take months to normality.

  • Hazel Rayner

    HealthShare Member

    hi had t3 rectal cancer, had chemo, radiotherapy then surgery, then more chemo  then reconnected in dec 2010. the first 6 months is difficult coping with loose bowel motions and feacal incontinence. but it does get better.
    my tips are stay away from insoluble fibre, have yogurt every day, take Imodium every day as white bread to start with then wholemeal no grains.have lots more to share if you want to correspond, I am doing realy well now. hazmar

  • kab70

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Mistyhaze
    Thank you for your ‘tips’ on diet after your bowel was reconnected.
    I am having mine reconnected within 3 mths (have been told maybe 8wks time)
    I would like to know further hints on diet after reconnection and anything else you can tell me.
    I am 71 yrs of age and know I am fortunate to be able to have the reconnect, but am a ‘wee’ nervous & want to know what foods etc afterwards, & what else I may expect.
    Am looking f'ward to going to toilet ‘normally’ but it may not be quite as ‘normal’ as I imagine!
    thanks Hazmar, & It's grand to hear you are doing so well now & sharing

  • mariestarr

    HealthShare Member

    This document was forwarded to me recently through my support group which is quite helpful:

    Good luck with the surgery

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