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    What causes oral cancer?

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     It is likely that the accumulative damage from factors, such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and persistent viral infections such as HPV, are the real culprits. It may take several decades of smoking for instance, to precipitate the development of a cancer. Having said that, tobacco use in all its forms is number one on the list of risk factors in individuals over 50. Historically at least 75% of those diagnosed at 50 and older have been tobacco users. Some chewable nicotine sustances are also a cause . Certain types of  repeat viral infections are certainly a cause in younger people including sexually transmitted viruses(over many years) . Statistics of this cancer,more prevalent in men . Early detection is very difficult and can not be detected in the mouth till later . Certain types of blood tests may be the only early detection available, these are very specialised .  I think…everything in moderation including spicy foods. One exception !
    Fruits and vegetables in abundance in your diet would apply to the REDUCTION  of  many forms of cancer or other problems .   Try to seek shade and keep out of the sun for any length of time . Think about skin and lips !!!!!  Good health to everyone :)

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    The associated risk factors for oral cancer are tobacco smoking OR alcohol consumption. Smoking AND high alcohol consumption increases the risk. Human Papilloma Virus HPV has also been implicated in oral cancer and this virus can be spread by oral sex You can find more informatin at the Oral Cancer Foundation and its causes at

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