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    What are the symptoms of Meniere's disease?

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    Dr Firas Hasan


    Dr. Firas is a chiropractor based in Adelaide who is passionate about the spine. His clinic offers a same day appointment and treatment guarantee. Dr. … View Profile

    Minier's disease is often confused with many other conditions of the ear and sometimes can be difficult to diagnose. It is often characterized with ringing in the ears and can be accomopanied with dizziness or a feeling of unnecessary “fullness” in the ears which can be very irritating. Minier's can be treated with numerous techniques including chiropractic. It is theorized that adjustments to the neck assist to move and drain the calcium deposits in the ear that can contribute to the condition.

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    Dr Smariti Kapila

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    She has primarily been trained in Sydney, but also across Australia, including Darwin and several outreach communities, Adelaide, Gosford, and Sydney, including St Vincent's, Royal … View Profile

    Meniere's Disease is a complex condition affecting the microscopic fluid-containing chambers of the inner ear, which itself is housed in the bone of the skull.  (this is different to the commonly-occuring fluid in the middle ear referred to as ‘glue ear’, or ‘crystals’ in the inner ear which cause positional dizziness (BPPV)).

    It results in a syndrome of symptoms which occur together in episodes:

    • vertigo - ‘hearing and balance organ’-related dizziness, most akin to ‘spinning’
    • tinnitus - ringing in the ear
    • hearing loss - usually one sided
    • aural fullness - a feeling of pressure in the ear

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