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    How can I avoid the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome during a meeting?

    Once in a while I keep my fingers crossed that I do not have any upset stomach symptoms related to IBS… this includes meetings, dates, parties, etc. Is there any quick remedy so I can prevent the symptoms for a few hours? Medication?
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  • Rebecca Hay

    Dietitian, Nutritionist

    Rebecca has been working as a clinical dietitian and sports dietitian for many years. Rebecca has a particular interest in irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, … View Profile

    It is a matter of know what makes your symptoms worse and avoiding that thing. There are really no quick fixes unfortunatley. It may be food causing your symptoms - and in many cases it is, you just need to take some time to work out what is the trigger.
    Sometimes stress and anxiety can make your symptoms worse. Managing  and controling these issues are  not as straight forward dietary manipulation. Techniques to manage them should be investigated if changing your dietary habits does not provide relief.
    I would suggest finding a dietitian to help you with a low FODMAP diet to determine if particular foods are making your symptoms worse. A great resourse to get you started is a book by Dr Sue Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson called Food Intolerance Management Plan.

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