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    How does hydrocephalus affect behaviour and thought?

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    In what way does brain injury from hydrocephalus affect someone?
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    HealthShare Member

    I have Normal Pressure hydrocephalus.I was diagnosed in 2006.I am on my 3rd shunt review at the present time.I have just gone a full year,with my present is doing what it should be doing for me.
    In answer to the question,I can only give you my experience of these problems.
    yes I do suffer severely with shoert term memory loss,and struggle with processing thoughts and behaviour.
    It is all spasmodic,comes and goes,in no particular order.I get what i get with no control over it somtimes.
    I have learnt to control myself to a point with my condition and what it presents to me.
    Every shunt has left me with different feelings,changed me,and always affects my memory more each time i have a new shunt replaced.
    I get emotional quickly,I'm tired all the time,I don't have alot of energy.I forget things very quickly,in a a very short range of time.I am still working,but struggling every day with my condition and work.I will be retiring this year as i cannot keep going on like this.
    The worst part of all this is,I can feel it happening to me.
    I constantly try to improve my condition,by not giving up,and learning all i can about hyrocephalus.All help and views welcomed.

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