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    What are possible causes of dizziness / vertigo?

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    For a first episode I would first suspect hypoglycaemia.  That is, low blood sugar from not having eating enough.  If the problem disappears quickly after eating, that may be the usual suspect.

    In my expertise many dizziness/balance problems are cervicogenic meaning that there is some type of biomechanical problem in the neck, which is sending abnormal information to the brain.  While the problem may be caused by an inner ear lesion (eg infection or tumour), more often than not I find it is not the case.

    For chronic dizziness, my first recommendation is to see a neurologist to ensure that there is nothing sinister happening in the brain or inner ear.  IF everything checks out there but you still experience symptoms, my recommendation is that you seek treatment with an Upper Cervical Spinal doctor. 

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    HealthShare Member

    I have been getting dizziness in the head which sends a strange feeling right thought my body and it makes me feel Dr  told me I had a C5/C6 Posterolateral disc protrusion as well  as evidence ofosteophytes on recent CT  neck would this cause my problem?

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