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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What support is available for spinal cord injuries?

    My partner has spinal cord injury. What kind of support can I get within the Australian health system?
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  • I have a speciality in grief and trauma, illness and disability. I have training in psychological debriefing after trauma and in supporting parents and carers. View Profile

    If someone has been involved in a vehicle accident then they are fully covered by the TAC. If they receive an injury outside of that then the rehabiliattion centre thta thye are sent to will organize supports through the healht department. It is also important to think about the needs of the family who will also need support and advocacy based on good research is also needed.

    There are mmay issues of loss, stressors and often traumatic stress. But maay people do well if they have good support and find inner strength and adaptation.  However, the journey is a long way with many challenges both for the person iinjured and the family
    Dr Annie Cnatwell-Bartl Psychologist

  • Rachael Shiell

    HealthShare Member

    Sorry Annie, I have to dissagree TAC dont support you after 14 years of difficulty from them, they dont wish to egknowlage my mulitple reguests from surgons for treatment like most departments they are broke and want you off there books.

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