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    What are the different types of cerebral palsy?

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  • Dr Michelle O'Brien

    Speech Pathologist

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    Hi, There are 4 main types of cerebral palsy that relate to the type of muscle tone a child or adult has.  They are flaccid (whereby the muscles are very floppy), spastic (whereby muscles are very tight - movement is jerky and effortful), athetoid (muscles vary from very floppy to very tight which means that coordination of muscles is very difficult).  The final type of CP is mixed whereby a person may have a mixture of one or more types of muscle tone.

    CP can also affect just the lower limbs, only one side of the body, or the whole body.

    I hope this answers your question.

    All the best,


  • jeddsmum

    HealthShare Member

    i have never heard of flaccid cerebral palsy before and you have missed out on Ataxic CP , the rarest type and the type my son has ……. as far as i am aware the 4 main types are , spastic , ataxic , athetoid & mixed. 
    am interested to see if there is another type of CP that i am not aware of , who can confirm this ?

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