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    Gastric bypass surgery vs. gastric banding -- which one is best for me?

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    I am morbidly obese and an active lifestyle/healthy diet is not effective enough at this point to help me shed pounds. Can someone please explain two of the surgical options, gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding… why should someone choose one over the other?
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    Peta Tauchmann

    Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE), Diabetes Educator, Registered Nurse

    I have a special interest in Type 1 Diabetes, optimising insulin therapy and Insulin pump therapy. I focus on the private sector including private clinics and consulting roles.   My … View Profile


    Gastric Banding surgery involves resitricting the size of the stomache by placing a band around it.  It is reversable. 
    Gastric Bypass imvolves surgically reducing the size of the stomache by permaently altering the anatomy.  This is major surgery and it is important that you seek advice from a surgeon before you make your decision.

    Pre-operatively you will meet with a team of health care professionals who can help you to decide if the surgery is right for your.  This includes considering your personal goals, health goals and readiness for change.  You should be speaking with a dietician, psychologist, and of course your surgeon.  Other team members may be recommended.  A thorough physical examination should be conducted to ensure you are fit for this type of surgery, and also to ensure there are not other problems preventing you from losing weight. 

    While this type of surgery is invasive it can be very successful for the right person.  If you have a commitment to weight loss, including changing your food intake then perhaps this is the right course for you.

    Good Luck! 

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    Melanie McGrice is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, one of the few dietitians in Australia to achieve that status. Her success has made her an … View Profile

    In general, a gastric band is a better choice for:
    - people who have a healthy diet, but their portion sizes are too big
    - people are really committed to lifestyle changes (increasing exercise etc).

    In general, a gastric bypass is a better choice for:
    - people with diabetes as it has a much bigger impact on reducing diabetes
    - people who are emotional eaters
    - people who eat a lot of treat foods
    - people who are unlikely to visit their doctor/surgeon regularly for band adjustments.

    A gastric bypass is a more invasive surgery than a band, but some people need more assistance with their diet than just decreasing their portion sizes.  Gastric bypass has a greater effect on the gastrointestinal hormones, and decreases your desire to eat, as well as decreasing your absorbion of fat and sugar.  A sleeve gastrectomy is also another common type of weight loss surgery performed in Australia, so it might be worth looking into that too.  It's also more invasive than a band, and has a greater effect on appetite hormones, but doesn't have as significant impact on diabetes.

    Your surgeon should organise for you to see a dietitian and some other specialists who will all give their recommendations on which would be the best surgery for you, then you can make a decision based on everyones comments.

    I hope this helps!


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    Arlene is a registered practising dietitian, with a private practice in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and has built a strong business over the last … View Profile

    When it comes to losing weight through bariatric surgery, patients have numerous methods to consider. Some surgeries will reduce stomach size, others may alter the actual digestive tract, and others still will reduce stomach size and alter the digestive tract as well. Weight loss surgery refers to various means by which surgeons can help patients lose weight. As mentioned above, these surgical treatments will be used to alter the size and shape of the stomach and/or change the patient’s digestive tract. By far the most well known and most popular weight loss surgery options are gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding surgery.
    Gastric bypass surgery involves the alteration of the digestive tract. In essence, part of the small intestine is bypassed. The size of the stomach is surgically altered as well during gastric bypass surgery.
    What is gastric banding? Gastric banding takes a much different approach to bariatric surgery. During a lap band surgery, a special silicone ring/device is used to help reduce the size of a patient’s stomach. This is reversible.
    Gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding surgery differ in many important ways. First of all, gastric bypass surgery is far more invasive. It requires surgical revisions of both stomach size and the small intestine. Gastric banding surgery is less invasive since the stomach size is only being altered through the use of a silicone band. Consequently, it’s easier to reverse the effects of a gastric banding surgery than a gastric bypass.
    In addition to this, the weight loss that patients experience is achieved in a different manner as well. With gastric banding surgery, patients experience restrictive weight loss. This means that the smaller stomach size restricts the amount of food that a person can consume, and that a person feels full sooner. With gastric bypass surgery, there’s a combination of restrictive weight loss and malabsorptive weight loss. The latter means that fewer calories are absorbed into the body since part of the small intestine is skipped over.
    Since the right morbid obesity treatment for each patient differs, this is one of those questions that I cannot possibly answer online. You would need to visit your doctor in person so he can assess your needs and determine how to best meet that.

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    Katherine Ferris


    I am a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with more than a decade of clinical experience, specialising in issues caused by stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias … View Profile

    To best answer your question there is yet another alternative to the above methods, and that is Hypno-Gastric-Band. 

    If you have not heard about this
     before, you may well be asking: “What is it about and what are the advantages of Hypno-Gastric-Band”?

    The benefits are similar to those of an actual gastric band surgery; where a band is surgically placed around the stomach, so patients would afterwards eat smaller portions; feel fuller faster, and ultimately, lose weight. All this is possible without the actual surgical procedure.

    Hypno-Gastric-Band is a specialised field of hypnotherapy, it is specifically designed to help the mind and body believe that a gastric band had been fitted, effectively reducing your apetite and the size of the stomach. Many people afterwards eat smaller portions; feel fuller faster, and ultimately, lose weight.
    Sydney Wellbeing Centre

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    Tim Thornton


    Hello, my name is Tim Thornton. I am a registered clinical hypnotherapist in the Sydney CBD area, providing hypnotherapy services since 2006. I specialise in … View Profile

    'The third option'.

    There is a third option, which is the virtual gastric band procedure. This is an alternative weight loss hypnosis method that's part of the hypnotherapy industry. 
    It's now tried and tested beyond doubt. One of the pioneers of this procedure is Sheila Granger, Lifestyle Engineer and professional UK Clinical Hypnotherapist, who is recognised internationally for her pioneering work, in particular with The Virtual Gastric Band concept for weight control.
    Her work is fully supported by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

    I am one of Sheila's first accredited practitioners in Sydney, Australia. I have helped many clients to achieve their goal using this method. 

    Virtual gastric band hypnotherapy utilises the powerful connection between your mind and body to convince your brain that your stomach is smaller in size. Such is the power of your subconscious mind that this is perceived as “true” and a “fact” on every level of your being. Not many alternative methods of weight loss can offer this level of effectiveness. From the first session you will start to feel satisfied more rapidly, whenever you eat. You can still eat the same food that you are used to, but you will automatically eat less without the need for willpower. By the end of the procedure positive changes in your eating habits will have been completely locked in and you will experience continuing weight loss until you reach your ideal weight.

    Kind regards,
    Tim Thornton

  • Dave Morris

    HealthShare Member

    It depends. I know many people who had gastric sleeve abroad and they were more than happy with the decision they made. Some people say lap band is more efficient. Maybe you should read more about these procedures, its benefits, the risks and then talk to a specialist in order to have the best weight loss treatment. And I know many people opting for weight loss surgery abroad because of cheap treatments and quality guaranteed.

    I can give you articles, essays, treatment descriptions if you want to have a general impression. So u can always pm me and is I'll gladly help

  • Mr Ramez Bassari

    Bariatric (Obesity) Surgeon, General Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Upper GI Surgeon (Abdominal)

    Mr Ramez Bassari is a specialist surgeon in the fields of Bariatric (Obesity/Weight Loss), Upper Gastrointestinal (reflux, stomach, oesophagus), Laparoscopic and General Surgery - including … View Profile


    Generally, gastric banding is no longer performed (nationally and internationally). The two main options are the gastric sleeve/sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass (there are vaiations of this procedure). According to the registry, in Australia in 2022, most of the procedures performed was the gastric sleeve. In order to choose the best procedure for you, it is best to consult with a specialist in the field. They can discuss the procedures in depth including the risks, benefits, side effects and the expected long term outcome.



    Mr Ramez Bassari

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