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    Are there depression help groups in my area?

    I live in bundaberg Queensland .wondering is there a group un town that provides support for each other?
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  • Gillian

    HealthShare Member

    are there any help groups on the central coast of new south wales?

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    HealthShare Member

    Gillian it seems hard to find the appropriate group to not only counsel but just someone to relate to. I have been lucky to have a friend who has post traumatic stress syndrome as well as obsessive compulsive disorder. Hanging out with him and his family is good therapy between visits to the psychiatrist. His problems associate with mine and we have a laugh sometimes by thinking about what would happen if we got a group together. We would have to buy 20 cakes of soap , 20 rolls of paper towels, plenty of tissues and a good supply of tippy pills and some good comedy like billy Connolly. Have also started tai chi and it helps just a little bit. My goal. One day at a time!!!!. Try not to think to far into the future. That's a bit scary. All the best for you Gillian. Sincerely John.

  • Gillian

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks John for responding, it is quite hard to even get people to reply anonymously. Its as if depression is a contagious disease!  I guess we all know what to do for it, but sometimes having an alike group would be so great because they are really the only ones who truly know what it is like.

    I reckon a “mixed” mental healthy group could be just the thing, a good laugh is a great fixer!!

    Thanks again


  • Karen Amos

    Counsellor, Personal Trainer

    Walk and Talk is just what you need to begin living a life that you love. I'm Karen Amos and at Walk and Talk Australia … View Profile

    Hi Gillian
    I am from Walk and Talk Australia and am at the Southern end of Lake Macquarie.  As a counsellor, I see many clients dealing with depression and can relate to the isolation, as if you don't feel bad enough!
    Something unique about Walk and Talk is that I run a Heart Foundation Walking Group 2 days per week.  Our group is open to anyone and it is a great place for a casual chat and some fresh air at the same time.  There maybe something around you just like that.  Although it doesn't target depression, you might be surprised just how great it can be to get out, go for a walk and chat a little along the way.
    Karen Amos

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