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    What does anger management therapy consist of?

    I have decided that managing my anger is beyond my own control and that it is best to seek help from a professional. What should I expect during therapy?
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    Good on you. I have seen anger ruin many people's lives and there are certainly a lot of people in prison who regret letting their anger run loose. What you can expect will depend on the model the therapist uses. I've run many groups for men regarding anger and have tended to use an educational group approach rather than therapeutic over 20 weeks. I've also worked with people individually but I'd suggest you try and find a group if you can. Members in a group tend to help and support one another and often have insights that the counsellor doesn't so I'm a big fan of the group model. However, if groups aren't available then individual sessions can be very helpful it you are determined and apply what you learn. A great book to read is “Feeling Angry, Playing Fair” by Ken McMaster (check your library). It focuses on anger in domestic relationships but the principles can be applied across all situations.

    I would also add that the people I've worked with who have had the greatest sucess at controlling their anger have often repeated the group or individual sessions some months later and/or had personal counselling if required. The point being, many people have had an anger problem most of their life and 5-6 sessions won't change this so determine to go the distance and expect a more peaceful and centred life. Good luck

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