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    What causes a stroke?

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  • Maree Wragg

    HealthShare Member

    People will tell you it is stress, a bad diet, lack of exercise, all the usual culprits, and for a minor few, this is the case, the real cause is picking the wrong parents, particularly as regards hemorrhagic stroke.
    Most importantly, if you are having unexplained headaches, do not let your doctor tell you it is just tension headaches (as happened to me).  Demand to see a neurologist, and put aside your aversion to paying maybe $700 for an MRI, which you have been told may not show anything, because, believe me, $700 will sound a very good bargain, when you find yourself totally and permanently unemployable because you are disabled.
    An hemorrhagic stroke happens when the walls of a vein burst and blood floods the brain, causing a build up of pressure on the brain cells, which kills them.  This generally occurs when there is a defect in the walls of one or more of the veins in the brain - an aneurysm, or a poorly constructed junction of veins (as was my problem) are both genetic aberations.  If one of your parents had a stroke, regardless if they tell you that it was caused by high blood pressure, make sure you ask to be checked out, yourself. 
    When the stroke is caused by a blood clot, the clot blocks a vein, and the oxygen rich blood cannot get to the brain cells, so they die from starvation and lack of oxygen.
    This is a very symplistic explanation, and I am only giving you a brief outline, in case you really do need tht information to stop yourseld from having a stroke.  If it is purely for interest or research sake, then there are many websites which will tell you far more than I have done

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